Alexis Lam

CMO - BurgerFuel Worldwide / Director - Society

Alexis is now the Director of Society, a marketing collaborative established with Emma Mulligan, former Head of Marketing for Puma Oceania. He has been with the BurgerFuel family ‘officially’ since taking the company public in 2007 and as part of their story going from Middle Earth to Middle East and to the Mid-West in America as their Chief Marketing Officer. He now continues as a Virtual CMO for BurgerFuel fulfilling their strategic marketing, brand and PR needs as well as being able to bring his expertise and knowledge to other companies.

He grew BurgerFuel from a one man marketing team to a fully self-sufficient department with its own internal design, creative and PR agency functions. Alexis and the team at Society now work with companies on their overall business strategy as well as the executional capability of their marketing department. Society work on everything from broad brand and positioning pieces to technical and tactical aspects of the marketing arm. Society collaborates closely with its brand partners to balance their short term campaign execution and social activations as well as giving them mentoring and guidance on long term brand and digital growth.

The latest three collaborations at Society were a French breakfast product launch, a group brand positioning piece and the full scope of a customer data platform (whatever that is).

The team at Society are there for the story, not the glory.

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