Ryan Ashton

Founder - AFQY

Ryan is the founder of AFQY or A Few Quiet Yarns providing events, Linkedin and Networking training, digital and communications consulting. Ryan enjoys gaining breadth and depth of my experiences across the Sales, Marketing, Creative, PR, Events, Social, Software/App Development, Management, Change and Technology provide a holistic view to any challenge or opportunity enabling success.

Ryan is passionate about the solutions he provides and genuinely enjoys helping people solve their business challenges. Having worked across a range of industries and personalities Ryan is able to meet people from all walks of life on their level and see the world from their point of view – this helps him provide responses in their language or customer-empathetic-communications.

Ryan is always open to meeting new people, and listening to their story and operate my own networking group “A Few Quiet Yarns”​, where a range of people can meet and network in a social environment to build a personal relationship which naturally progresses to doing business, with people you know and trust. “Social networking in real time, a.k.a. going down to the pub for a few quiets”.